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2019 International Conference of KASE
(Korean Association for Science Education)

Talking about science:
Language, discourse and communication in science education

Jan 24 ~ Jan 26, 2019
Korea National University of Education(Cheongjusi, South Korea)

Dear colleagues

We cordially invite you to the 75th international conference of the Korean Association for Science Education (KASE). KASE is an organization representing Korea's science education and holds an international conference every winter. Korea National University of Education (KNUE) is very proud to host this coming KASE international conference 2019.

The theme of the KASE international conference 2019 is "Talking about science: Language, discourse and communication in science education." The importance of understanding language and culture has been more emphasized in science teaching and learning. Understanding the language of science is an essential prerequisite for encouraging our students to express ideas of science and generate scientific knowledge as well as to participate in discourses related to science in their everyday life. At this conference, we as an international science education community hope to find innovative ways to facilitate science education through active and effective communication. You will enjoy all the strands covering this theme during the KASE conference.

Korea National University of Education (KNUE) is located in Cheongju city, about 120 km south of Seoul. As a unique university of teacher education, KNUE collectively prepares kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school teachers. It also provides continuous teacher education and conducts comprehensive educational research for which it has established a well-deserved reputation. Near KNUE, you can visit historical sites including Cheongju Heungdeoksa Temple, Sangdangsanseong Fortress, Munui Cultural Properties Site and Cheongju Early Printing Museum. We believe that the conference will be an enjoyable experience for all participants.

Again, we welcome all of you to the KASE international conference. The KASE conference will be a good venue where you meet new colleagues and scholars to share your research interests, build strong friendship with them, and taste authentic Korean cultures.

We look forward to meeting all of you at Korea National University of Education!

Jinwoong Song,  President of KASE
Young-ShinPark,  Chair of KASE conference
SunaRyu,  Local organizing committee chair

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