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The Korean Association for Science Education (KASE) was founded in 1976, aiming to contribute to the development of science education by means of research and development. Over the past 40 years since its foundation, the relentless effort of KASE for high-quality science education research and practice made it recognized as a leading society in the field of science education, both domestically and internationally. To achieve its aims, KASE holds meetings and publishes various academic materials, and supports early-career researchers as well as experienced
scholars. Our active engagement in international cooperation has resulted in a qualitative growth of Korean science education and the introduction of domestic studies to a wider academic community.

We publish two journals dedicated to science education (Journal of Korean Association for Science Education (JKASE), Asia-Pacific Science Education (APSE)), and host two annual conferences (one domestic, one international) every year, in order to provide science educators opportunities to meet and share their progress and achievement. KASE currently has the following three short- and long-term visions that guide its operation:

First, we aim to promote the individual growth of every members. Particularly, we encourage and promote good researches of young researchers and providing various training opportunities for them. Second, we aim to decrease the discrepancy between the research and practice of science education. To this end, we encourage more schoolteachers participate so that they can share and develop their experiences and professionalism. Third, we aim to play a leading role in designing and practicing science education policy. We attempt to actively participate in the establishment, enactment, and assessment of national science education policies.

KASE expects the interests and participation of science educators from Korea and abroad, for the growth of science education in Korea. Thank you.

March 1, 2017
Jinwoong Song (Seoul National University)
The 17th President of Korean Association for Science Education

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